Things that Made Me Happy Today

Between being sick and creating a bit of a situation for myself at work, it’s been a crazy few days. But tonight I was struck by a few things that really made me happy in spite of everything. One of my pastors has talked about doing a gratitude journal, and I figured today was as good of a day as any to at least make one blog entry about it.

So, in no particular order, things that made me happy today:

– Working at a place where we sing the Doxology after every staff meeting.
– Cool, lower humidity days.
– Good background music.
– The afternoon light reflecting through hundreds of bubbles blown by a man on an H Street corner.
– Cute new shoes.
– The smell of warm garlic bread.
– Realizing I have people who have my back, even with all my faults.
– Making people laugh.
– People who make me laugh.
– Moonlight breaking through patchy clouds.
– Texts from my mama.
– Oven-fresh brownies.
– Gathering at a house with random strangers from a variety of backgrounds who all share the common interest of studying the Old Testament for a few months.
– An autumn breeze in my hair after several hours spent inside.
– Medjool dates.
– A purring cat giving me an affectionate headbutt.
– A comfy bed.
– You. ❤

I hope you had some happy moments today, too. They're everywhere, even when you're not looking that hard.


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